Water Problems near Bemidji, MN

The water in Bemidji and the surrounding areas tends to be hard and can contain unwanted iron.

Hard water can cause various problems in your home or business.  You may see a residue on your glassware in the form of “spots”, your laundry may be turning “gray”, and your shower walls, bathtub, and other fixtures may be difficult to clean. Other effects, which are difficult to see, include scale buildup in pipes and water heaters which can lead to additional energy requirements to heat water as well as possible premature appliance failure. Since laundry soaps and shampoos do not form suds as readily in hard water when compared to soft water, extra expenses for soaps and shampoos may also result.

The solution to hard water problems is an ultra-efficient, salt and water saving, Culligan water softener. Your Culligan dealer is prepared to analyze your water, recommend the right model water softener for your needs, install the system, and provide any ongoing service you may need, including water softener salt delivery on a regular basis.

Water that is high in total dissolved solids causes cloudy ice cubes and poor tasting juices, coffees, and teas.  The use of chlorine by municipalities could cause a distinct odor and taste to the drinking water.

The solution to poor quality drinking water is a reverse osmosis drinking water system.  This system will provide bottled water quality at your kitchen sink for about the cost of a can a soda per day.  You will get better tasting coffee, tea and juices as well as clearer ice cubes.